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Through her beautifully illustrated children’s book, Making Mindful Magic, Brisbane-based author Lea McKnoulty encourages children of any age, and their parents, to cultivate mindfulness. In an effort to ground and evoke a sense of inner calm and clarity of thought in her readers, McKnoulty asks that you make a standing reservation with yourself and your children to regularly practise one of the many inspiring mindful activities within her book.

It doesn’t matter if it’s every day, every week or once a month, and it’s not important whether you specifically or randomly choose a page and activity; the idea is that with each practice you’ll further encourage a slow and purposeful engagement with your inner self and outer environment.
— Wellbeing Magazine

Making Mindful Magic is like a calm breath of fresh air. It quietly invites kids to slow down, re-connect with their surroundings, nature and life in general. These quiet directives (the book’s verses) accompanied by soft pastel illustrations will spark conversation, heighten a child’s sense of wonder and enhance their understanding of the world. According to McKnoulty children who are grounded have clearer thought patterns and are more receptive to learning new things. They are less likely to be anxious and more likely to be happy.

Lea McKnoulty’s idea is innovative and cleverly simple. It is a quiet reminder to us all that it’s important to take time to reflect in this mad world.

I highly recommend Making Mindful Magic because it is such a special book and gentle concept.
— The Children's Book Council of Australia newsletter, Reading Time

Megan Daley Qld Teacher Librarian of the Year 2015 writes...

I see hundreds, if not thousands of books a year, so for a book to catch my eye, it has to be pretty special. ‘Making Mindful Magic’ stands out for its innovative approach to introducing the practice of mindfulness to young readers and their parents, gently and with subtlety....I very much like books which can be read, and then left around the house to be explored at a child’s leisure, for this is when the magic happens – a book and a child connecting.
— Megan Daley, Children's Books Daily & Qld Teacher Librarian of the Year 2015

In this one-of-a-kind book, the mindfulness theme is subtly presented to children through a series of experiences that are technology free and mostly set in nature. The book helps children and adults alike dabble in mindfulness practices with a great sense of fun and exploration, without any heavy explanation of the topic itself.
— Brisbane Kids

How delightful to have a book that can help parents and educators to teach children to stop and think about what they are doing and to. Lea McKnoulty’s book aims to bring mindfulness into child’s everyday life. It is a cleverly written book that you can pick up any day and choose a page to read to a child and ‘do’ – sit quietly – follow a bird – take as long as you can…An ideal book for home or school to help us see the magic in the ordinary+.
— Early Childhood Teacher's Association

Beautifully crafted, this text has great application in the home and in the classroom. The illustrations lend themselves to conversation starters - framing the discussions around nature, reflection and pace.
— The Book Worm

Book reviewer, Matt Lorentzen writes...

Within this book are several activities that can help both child and adult to learn to soak in the present tense, without interference from the future. And the subject of learning to not be in a hurry and to embrace the unique gifts of nature and quietude are approached with exquisite development.
— Matt Lorentzen

This picture book is quite different from the norm...Through its calm text and muted coloured illustrations, its creator invites the reader – young or old – to develop the habit of mindfulness. Making Mindful Magic is a book which can’t be rushed. It sets out to, and succeeds, in making the reader take her time. One can open at any page and follow that activity or move on to another activity. Or a parent might like to check out the back pages where suggestions are given in prose on how to apply the practices to one’s child.

This charming book is recommended for anyone, child or adult, who wants to remedy a life that is too busy and stressful
— Diane Bates, Buzz Words Books

Christeen Bauer writes...

Making Mindful Children by Lea McKnoulty is a wonderful book. Each page inviting the reader to focus on a different thought/activity. Simple, yet so incredibly deep. I can see young readers exhaling a sigh of relief at the thought of not having to do anything...and yet doing so much. The illustrations are spot on and very calming. Parents this book is a must for your kids, have them read it to you and then as a team go discover what is around you. I give this book 5 stars.
— Christeen Bauer, Chodi Kid Books

F R O M   O U R   H A P P Y   C U S T O M E R S

Beautiful book for mature and young souls. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Thank-you for sharing your wholesome work with others.
— Elise
Have read “Making Mindful Magic” from cover to cover. It is a wonderful little book which I have no doubt can be of great benefit to children. I particularly like how there isn’t information overload on each activity page, just basic suggestions, with more detailed info at the back of the book. A clever idea.
— Fiona
I’ve just finished reading your new book Making Mindful Magic and it is just so very special! I am very excited to share copies with many friends and their children - the book is so beautifully illustrated (I got the feeling I was peering over your shoulder looking at your easel - so strong was the feeling of being a part of something) and so unassuming; the words invite one, when they are ready, to share the experience.
— Amy
The book looks gorgeous! Well done, Lea. This book is a beautiful contribution to the world.
— Trudi