Books and free resources to help you engage in the art of mindfulness with your children.


Our first book, Making Mindful Magic, full of mindful activities now available in our shop. Purchase the book here

Making Mindful Magic is an online space created by author and teacher Lea McKnoulty to promote the idea of teaching children mindfulness, and to provide the tools for parents and teachers to share this journey with them. We believe mindful parents and teachers make mindful children

Join us here on our site and through our books for mindful activities, discussions on the place of mindfulness and other grounding practices in modern family life and behind-the-scenes tales from our book publishing endeavours. 


The Book

Making Mindful Magic is a picture book for children and adults to share mindful experiences every day. Available November 2015!

The Author

Meet Lea McKnoulty, former early childhood teacher and the writer and illustrator behind our first children's book, Making Mindful Magic.

The Blog

Free articles and resources to learn more about mindfulness and grounded, healthy living for you and your children or students.



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