Parenting a sensitive child

Recognising and accepting who your child really is, nurturing a sensitive soul helps them to be true to themselves and their own nature.

I have come to appreciate the idea of valuing yourself for who really you are as part of my own spiritual journey. Part of that has been learning to protect my own energy! If your energy is less intense than those around you, you are probably sensitive and more than likely, an introvert, as I am. Accept it as just a normal part of the personality spectrum; we are not all extroverts but we can all be true to our own selves and our own nature.

Are you a parent of an introverted or sensitive child? Celebrate it because you have given life to a child who feels deeply, who has the potential to experience a rich spiritual life. An introverted child is not necessarily shy but is sensitive to the energy that surrounds them and will re-charge their own energy by some time alone rather than by being with others. Most likely they will prefer a small number of very close friends rather than a big number of acquaintances. Similarly big noisy parties can be overwhelming but a small number for a play date is much more their style. They don’t much like small talk but can be talkative about topics close to their hearts.

Some parents worry that their sensitive child is not part of the pack. If you are further along the extroverted spectrum yourself then this may be difficult to accept but accept it you should because being part of the pack will most likely be quite challenging for your sensitive child. Try trusting their judgement around how they want to spend their time and who with; it will reap rewards for everyone.

They aren’t reclusive, they just like some time alone and for a quieter pace, noise and light level to predominate in their lives. Your job is to nurture that sensitive soul, to accept them for who they are and to help them appreciate and understand themselves as they grow and mature. Be the conduit for their self- knowledge. Allow opportunities for quiet time to rest and recover after a lot of social interaction and be supportive of those needs. 

If you value the notion of being a mindful parent, help your children value their own energy and to learn how to protect it from other people and situations which may be more intense than their own. Introverts and extroverts are all on the same spectrum of life, no one is superior, only different in their personal energies!

For further reading on this subject, I like:

‘Quiet:The Power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’ by Susan Cain
‘The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide’ by Ted Zeff
‘Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child’ by Julie B Rosenshein 

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