An Invitation to Open, Explore and Play

Recently, I gathered some gal pals from different walks of life, from different parts of my own life and we played (literally and figuratively) with some ideas I had to hold self-discovery workshops for women. Held in a safe, non-judgmental space, in this workshop we gave ourselves the tools, space and time to open to being and discovering our real selves. 

And now I’m opening up this workshop, or circle as I’m calling them, to you all - An Invitation to Open, Explore and Play will amongst other things use meditation, journaling and experimental art to open us to ourselves. The first self-discovery circle will be held on Saturday afternoon 10 November at 3.00pm in Brisbane. 

This call to share in this way has been precipitated by my own life and growth. I’ve undergone big changes in my life circumstances that came about through external factors and also from my own personal discovery of my need for a more spiritual and self-connected way of living my life that more deeply mirror who I am as a person. These circles reflect my desire to share with women the tools that have greatly helped me along the way to becoming more secure in my own skin, more introspective and more confident to be the reflection of who I truly am.

Mindfulness has shown me that when we are in the present moment, we are not only connected to what is happening in that moment but also to ourselves. This opens us to knowing, accepting and loving ourselves. This knowledge helps us to more fully live our lives as a reflection of our true selves, to be on our own special path, and this brings us a deep sense of peace and belonging. Isn’t that what we truly seek?

Women play important roles not only in our own families but in the whole fabric of society. We bring what masculine energy often does not – a caring, creative, collaborative, openness but those very gifts can be difficult for us personally to manage. Often that feminine energy is heavily focused on duty and the fulfilment of others well-being as being more important than our own. I felt stuck in that space myself but I’m learning to move out of it. There is no finishing line on this type of learning but I am now at a place where I can say that I know myself well and value myself enough to realise that harnessing this feminine energy must begin with women’s own self love and self-knowledge. 

Softness and strength are partners not opposites.  As women learning how to open to our own soft, creative selves, we are not inviting weakness. We can be soft and gentle and loving as well as strong women who live our lives according to what we believe, and who we really are.  But first we need to give ourselves permission to explore and discover our real selves in a safe, playful space which we hope to create in the self-discovery circle.

Each person’s soul journey, lessons and purpose are different but the women attracted to this work in the self-discovery circle are those who feel they don’t focus enough on themselves and want to concentrate more on discovering their gifts and true nature. There will be exploration through easy, simple, playful tools that can be incorporated into everyday life. Ultimately living a more mindful life is the key to opening to your true self, to presenting your real self to the world, however that may look. You’ll be encouraged to be gentle with yourself, to trust yourself and, to embrace what you find in your self-discovery because what you find will be exactly what you need to allow yourself to live a life that more fully reflects who you are. It is a safe place, amongst women, without judgement. 

Opening to my creativity was inherent in my own self-discovery path and here in our circle it isn’t about the product but rather about a process of experimentation that opens and frees you to see yourself as the creative soul that perhaps you have not acknowledged before.   Creativity is such a present moment experience that it allows us to go within ourselves, to leave the mundane issues of life for however long we can manage, to give ourselves enough self-love by giving ourselves permission to focus on ourselves and celebrate what we find, to show up as we really are for others in our lives.  

As sisters we share much, including the long history of struggle to balance our feminine energy with the masculine energy that is so strong in our world right now. 

‘Being with real people who warm us, who endorse and exalt our creativity is essential to the flow of creative life… every woman is entitled to an Alleluija Chorus.’

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes in Women Who Run With The Wolves.