In Change, Find Home Within



If you think about it, as women we are faced with enormous change during the course of a lifetime. It is how we choose to deal with those changes that can define us and give us great opportunities to intimately learn about ourselves and to come to realise that we are our own home. It is tempting to cling fiercely to what we know and resist change but it is of course inevitable so it makes sense to accept it, embrace it and to use it as a vehicle to rely more fully on our own selves. I know men and women both face change but I’m a woman attracted to exploring more fully my feminine energy so it feels right that it is from a woman’s perspective that I seek to share and grow. 

If you’re a woman reading this, you’ll recognise what follows as a reminder of changes that women face and if you’re a man it may throw a different perspective your way. Perhaps the first big change begins with the onset of the menstrual cycle that signals the change from a girl to a woman. We navigate that change and bloom into full womanhood with many ultimately becoming mothers, with all the physical and emotional changes that brings. It’s easy to lose sight of ourselves as individuals as we nurture and accommodate ourselves for others as we build our family. When our children become adults, we must learn to ‘let go’ of a now well-learned role. Perhaps we add a new persona as grandparent. As our children age so do we and we are faced with the enormous physical and emotional changes brought by menopause. Amongst all this change over many years, relationships and careers may end and new ones begin, we may be challenged with illness to ourselves or others and the death of loved ones.  

We can view these changes as problems in our lives or we can seek to find the positives and use them as an opportunity to build a deeper relationship with ourselves. It took the end of a very long marriage to bring me face to face with huge change. What I found through it was it is possible to find home within yourself as you deal with that change and for me using different means to find myself and live as a reflection of that self continues to challenge me but it brings me so much closer to relying on myself as my home.

The next new shiny thing is not going to bring you home – you are. Take some time to be quiet, to be alone, to engage in self-love as a starting point to really know and accept and love all that you are. Use your own energy to find your creative self, your place and space within yourself and in the process trust yourself as your own home.

Over the next few months this will be a focus for me as we continue to develop workshops for women. The underlying premise is to open to change with a sense of self-love and gentleness of spirit towards yourself, to be open to what you find there and accepting of it with kindness. In the process we will explore different ways to find our creative selves, to feel free to play and explore different modalities to move us toward being our own home no matter what changes we face. 

I’d love for you to join me.