Connecting with Your Quiet Place Inside

This week we’re launching a new meditation, Connecting With Your Quiet Place Inside, now available to purchase in our shop. As the name suggests, it honours the idea of how important it is to find time to be calm, slow, centred and quiet but also that the quiet place can always be found inside ourselves. 

All manner of quiet, calm places can help us to experience the quiet externally but when we are also prepared to seek out the quiet deep inside our own souls, then the quiet becomes all the more profound. The quiet place is the place where meditation leads us and as adults, many of us actively seek meditation recordings, spiritual readings and rituals that help us to find that quiet place deep inside us.

For children I think one of the most effective ways to find the quiet place within is by using guided meditations. Our two previous meditations, Go Walking in Nature and Watch Waves (available free for download when you sign up to our e-newsletter here) use the imagery of nature to enjoy the quiet within but this one is a bit different. It uses the visualisation of connecting with our own bodies and the space around our bodies as the basis for experiencing genuine quiet and calm. Listening to this meditation is a practical way of showing and experiencing how powerful being connected to our own selves can be. And I like to think that children who have access to that quiet place inside also naturally develop positive feelings of self, control over reactive behaviours and an overall sense of wellbeing that can translate into self-determination.

Like all guided meditations, listeners need to pay attention for this meditation to work its magic. This is where the actual act of lying still and using nothing but your imagination as you listen and create your own powerful images works to create a mindful experience children can easily engage in. We’ve run enough workshops to know that it’s not always easy getting children to lie still and pay attention! Experiencing a guided meditation is very much an example of being in the present moment, of relating to what is happening, right here, right now and nowhere else and in no other time. A guided meditation is always an invitation to reach that quiet inner place inside you.


I love the effect a guided meditation can have on our state of being and I think especially for kids, using headphones adds significantly to their ability to close out the outer world and pay attention and focus inwards instead. I love the idea of using a guided meditation as a pre-bedtime experience. For myself unburdening myself of the day’s stresses and activities is one powerful way of deepening my sleep for the night and meditation is a very effective way of doing that. I’ve also been grateful to receive feedback that some little ones are asleep before the end of our previous meditations.  

This meditation is one that easily can be used by adults as well as children of all ages. I would love to think it could become part of a family ritual on a regular basis. It is also very appropriate to be used in the classroom setting and applicable to all ages. It is approximately 8 minutes in length so can easily be incorporated into a post lunch-time routine for settling after playtime or really anytime that children would benefit from re-focusing and centring themselves and their attention including pre-bedtime.

You can find the meditation available for purchase and instant download in our store here. I hope you find it helps you and the children in your life to connect with the quiet, beautiful place within.