A Lesson in Trust


It’s pretty standard spiritual thought to trust that things will work out but sometimes the universe conspires to test our belief. If you follow me on social media or read my blogs you’ll probably know that I am embarking on big changes in my life. I’ve got my Italian Visa allowing me to spend some quality time there living like a local.  Sounds perfect – but lurking in the background (or some days in the foreground) was the air of self-doubt. Some days I felt like I was in hiding, not brave enough to venture out and claim my place. My head would go into the questions – why, how, what? Not surprising, given in just a few short days I was to leave the security and comfort of places and people I have called home all my life.

Meanwhile my regular spiritual tools were sending me messages - for three days in a row I pulled the ‘Trust’ card. I then pulled the ‘Solar Plexis Chakra” card- the seat of power and self-esteem! Keep it coming universe! It was the reminder I needed to believe it would all come together! It got me over the line and I set off to try that new version of life.  

Many months ago I planned to spend some time in Bali before my Italian destination. Bali is synonymous with healing, it has an energy that transcends traffic conditions and tourist numbers. Its people are gentle and caring and softly go about the business of daily life whist maintaining a reverence with their daily offerings to their god. I love coming here as it has been the home of some very significant healing for me physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm here now in Ubud as I write, only a few days into a three week stay but already the peace and the release this place gives me fills me with gratitude for the opportunity, for the wonderful spirituals and healers who are here, for the heart-warming kindness of the people and for this lush tropical paradise that reminds me of how strongly I feel the pull to be in nature. 

Photographs by  The Travelling Light

Photographs by The Travelling Light

While I'm here I'm undertaking many spiritual ceremonies and healings with all manner of modalities, some I am a repeat visitor to but others like today’s session with a traditional Balinese healer is new to me. How I found him is itself a lesson in trust but that’s for another time. I found being with the healer was a sacred experience, filled with ritual and one that resonated deeply with me. He re-enforced all manner of aspects of my life and touched on what we all worry about – family, health, career, relationships, finances.  It surprised me with the depth of his understanding of my life and me personally. Obviously, this isn’t the place to reveal all I was told but I would like to share his universal message around love and trust.

His underlying theme and the one he kept returning to was that I need to trust my heart to know where I am headed and that I will be safe, loved and all will be well. He said all he told me would happen if I continue with love in my heart. He further explained that the why, who, what, how questions, keep us in our head and not in our heart where the truth really lies, always lies. He said God has nothing but love, so take his example and trust that all will work out in your life. 

He made life sound very simple, full of hope and certainly trust. His life of course is a reflection of that belief– he lives the life of a simple man, trusting his well-being is a given. Being in Bali itself is a re-enforcement of that principle too. The people have an energy that is enviable and the simplicity of their own lives is evidence that trusting all will work out is a convincing principle to live by.  There is a big world out there and to find my real place in it I need to trust both myself and the universe to find it.

"I trust in the ebb and flow of the universe. I trust that life’s bigger than what I can see… And I trust that no matter what happens, I will be all right."       

~ Oprah Winfrey