Celebrating Introversion


I often use a quote to inspire me to write and this week as I was reading one of my favourite poets Rupi Kaur,  I was touched by both her insightful homage to introverts and that she gave me an opportunity to identify with her because I'm one too!

One of my favourite things is alone time. I'm not anti-social, I don’t hate people but I need time to be myself and space to be myself. According to statistics introverts are estimated to make up around 30% of the world. 

One of the key ways to know if you are an introvert is to gauge whether you re-charge from social interaction or whether it drains you. Not all social interaction though!  If you are exhausted by small talk and are energised by meaningful conversation then chances are you an introvert or have introverted aspects. 

Celebrate it and open to it. Accept yourself and so will others. Give yourself boundaries and keep them and make sure others do too as this is an important part of your self-preservation plan.

You can re-charge with mediation and quiet time. You’ll feel at peace in nature and soothing peaceful music will be your friend. Try some baroque music to lift your spirits, to inspire you and to let yourself soar.

If you have an introvert child, rejoice and explore and celebrate it with them as introverts especially will feel secure and valued and accepted if their true nature is seen as a gift. Encourage them to establish their own boundaries too – they are on the path to self-discovery and accepting their authentic self is your loving  gift to them and one they can carry always. 

Remember, whether it is you, your child, a friend, a family member or an acquaintance introverts are very sensitive so celebrate yourself or them because changing is not an option – it is part of being in acceptance of the true self! 

This blog post more deeply explores parenting a sensitive or introverted child http://makingmindfulmagic.com/blog-posts/parenting-sensitive-child?rq=introverts

And for further reading on the topic I recommend:

‘Quiet:The Power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’ by Susan Cain
‘The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide’ by Ted Zeff
‘Parenting the Highly Sensitive Child’ by Julie B Rosenshein