Accepting Change

Wind Blowing from Mt. Fuji by Hosokibara Seiki (1885-1958) Japan

Wind Blowing from Mt. Fuji by Hosokibara Seiki (1885-1958) Japan

As a sequel to last week’s blog about the need to maintain myself amid the challenges of life, I realise what a major topic this is for me in my own personal development. Part of this is an acceptance of and commitment to change how I view myself, those around me and where I sit in the world. Change within us happens slowly but it does involve firstly a deep desire to make the change. 

It also involves accepting that life is not always going to be easy. I resonate with this Deepak Chopra quote, ‘All great changes are preceded by chaos’. I think this is often true as we abandon the safety of what we know and tip ourselves into the great unknown. We are asking ourselves to abandon that which we feel safe with and head towards what we don’t know. With this, internal and external chaos may result. 

Personally, I want to use myself as my own anchor in life, not relying on others as my anchor and to let go of the expectations of ‘should do’ rather than what my true self is guiding me to do. It isn’t selfish to think like this. I now see, I spent many years making sure I did what I ‘should’ rather than relying on what I ‘know’. It led me to a place of disconnection with myself and as I move forward on my path I want to embrace deep connection with the self and I feel it happening more and more. 

I totally empathise with the safety of the familiar but something has moved within me and I feel compelled to change both myself and my surroundings as I seek the best version of me that I can be – the creative me, the wild me, the free me yet also the introverted me which helps bring the peace and calm I crave.  

A different version of ourselves may be confronting to people around us as we move from fulfilling the expectation of others to living the life that reflects our real selves. Ultimately it is for the greater good of everyone to live with their own truth.  

Whether you wish to bring big changes or small into your life, change will be inevitable and sometimes those changes will not be easy. Accept them as part of the inevitable transition process towards a more fulfilling life.