Take a Mindful Moment

Photo courtesy of Trudi Bannister

Photo courtesy of Trudi Bannister

One thing about social media you certainly get to connect with like-minded people and for me one of those is Trudi Bannister, you can read her work at www.trudibannister.com. She’s a psychologist, devoted mum and mindfulness advocate and recently posted on Instagram that while skiing as a family the kids take a little time when they get off the ski-lift for a ‘Mindful Moment” to take stock of what’s around them!

Wow I love this practice – so simple but so effective! It’s impossible to rush when you are taking a ‘Mindful Moment’ as you’ve literally slowed down the pace by just noticing! If you love this simple idea you can use it through your day – every 60 minutes, just take a ‘Mindful Moment’ no matter where you are and what you are doing and notice the beauty and positive things around you in this moment.

The bonus is when we slow down, we calm down and we feel very much more contented with our lives. This ‘Mindful Moment’ also encourages us to instinctively become more grateful for those good things in our lives and when we are grateful we are kinder, more caring and much happier!

Try it and see what a difference it can make to your life when you get in the habit of taking a ‘Mindful Moment”! Encourage your children, workmates, partner, friends to do the same and you’ve made a very big change in how you and those around you live life and interact with the world!