Free eBook - Mindful School Holiday Challenge

Last week on our Instagram and Facebook, we celebrated sharing the gift of mindfulness by sharing with you our 7 Day Mindful School Holiday Challenge. In it we offered a daily experience to engage the children in your lives with mindfulness. We've now put it all together into a free printable eBook that can be used as a reference and shared, a Mindful Seven Day Challenge for kids.

I like to think of a mindful activity as anything that calms our minds and engages us in wholeheartedly paying attention to what we are doing. The thing is these two ideas feed off each other. Research shows when we calm our minds, we calm our bodies which then allows us to pay much better attention to anything we are doing. Our brains actually work better when we are calm and not stressed.

In my part of the world, Brisbane, Australia, last week marked the end of the school holidays so it was timely to re-gather our thoughts and to put our minds into a calm, restful place, allowing us to concentrate better – a great back to school outcome!

It struck me too that this is a challenge that can be used by anyone, anytime they are wanting to begin engaging their children or themselves in mindful activities. A deep philosophical discussion about mindfulness is not a prerequisite here as what is important is actually practicing being mindful and often these experiences are very simple and ones we know about but perhaps have not thought of as being mindful.

Perhaps you are a parent, perhaps a teacher, perhaps a grandparent or caregiver or a health professional working in your field with children. Whatever your role I invite you to be the mindful adult who shares the gift of mindfulness by simply providing the opportunity for them to practice mindful experiences. The thing is, the more often we purposefully practice being mindful, the more naturally we will be mindful without even consciously trying – a gift worth giving!

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