Mindful School Holidays Challenge

Where I live in Australia, the summer school holidays are drawing to a close and if you have school aged children in your life, perhaps a case of holiday boredom is creeping in.

It’s a first world problem I know but instead of choosing the myriad of ‘stuff’ out there to do, entertainment places to go or the TV and computer to use, we invite you to use the time to engage in some mindful experiences and join our week of the Mindful School Holidays Challenge which we’ll be publishing daily on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

With school just over a week away, this is a perfect time to gather our thoughts, to tread more slowly, carefully and calmly. Of course these are experiences anyone can join in with no matter what your age and location.

Over the next week on our Instagram and Facebook we’ll be highlighting a mindful experience every day of the week to keep us all more grounded and connected with ourselves, each other and especially in the beautiful world of nature.

If you’ve already bought our book, Making Mindful Magic (available in our store) you’ll be familiar with one of the experiences already!  They are experiences you’re sure to know about but perhaps haven’t looked at as being mindful. Sometimes it’s so easy to forget about the simple things, pre-occupied as we can be with the complicated. It’s also an opportunity to remember that mindfulness isn’t hard – it’s about paying attention to the present moment and developing our calm, quiet, considered side. Over the week we’d love you to share your photos on Instagram of you and your your family engaging in our Mindful School Holidays Challenge!

We don’t believe children need to fully understand the concept of mindfulness but what they do need is mindful adults in their lives to provide opportunities to practice it. We hope we inspire you to be one of those mindful adults! See you on Instagram and Facebook this week!