Evolving in mindfulness...and we're changing our name!

We are living through an age of fast human evolution, we’re opening up to mindfulness and other spiritual concepts more and more in response to the challenges of living in the modern world.

We’ve been going through an evolution too as we finesse our offering in the wake of all that has happened since the launch of our first book, Making Mindful Magic, and our website www.makingmindfulchildren.com one year ago.

Our passion has always been and continues to be helping children and families move towards a more mindful way of living. Something we have become increasingly aware of is the prominent role that we as adults must take on in providing opportunities for children to be mindful. We can shape our children into strong, grounded adults but we too must evolve and become more mindful ourselves, for our own good, the good of society, and the good of our children. Children need to be given opportunities to practice mindful experiences by the mindful adults in their lives, it must come from us first.

With these things in mind we are changing our name to Making Mindful Magic as a reflection that we are all in this journey together, adults and children must learn to be mindful together, we need each other. Our website will change to www.makingmindfulmagic.com, to have a shared focus on inspiring children and adults to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

Further to this end, I’m currently working on my second book, a book of mindful experiences for adults. It’s written in verse and will come in pocket book size. I haven’t quite decided yet whether I will use my own illustrations or whether my talented artist daughter will do these for me. The goal here is to help mindful adults evolve.

We’re also at the end of the process to produce prints of the artwork and verses from our first book, Making Mindful Magic, for sale in our online store. Coming very soon and in time for Christmas with an attractive book and print package!