Why should we want our children to be mindful?

What does it mean to live mindfully? Why should we care if our children are mindful? How can we help them become more mindful?

Being mindful or living in the present means we will most likely lead to an authentic and grounded life.

When we are comfortable living a life we believe in, exposing our true selves then magically we are free from everyone else’s expectations.

We are connected to firstly ourselves but also to nature and the people we value in our lives because they will value us for our true selves, not a version that seeks to please others expectations.

Teenage years are fraught with problems of influence. Unless they know their own minds and truth, they can easily be influenced by other’s minds and truths.

Children brought up to value authenticity may very well be immune from the influence of others. They will value the opinions of those they recognise as having a similar value base.