The role of technology in our children's lives

There is no denying children need to be skilled in technology to happily progress through their schooling but it can take over and create children who are mindless to what’s happening around them rather than being mindful of their current moment.

Let’s try and:

  • Eat and communicate at the table to eat dinner together rather than around the TV
  • Leave the technology out of earshot and sight when we are at eating together.
  • Allocate time for outdoor play in the sunshine without games on devices
  • If your children are older make face-to-face meet-ups important in their lives rather than relying on social media to a large extent for interactions. You will be encouraging them to understand body language and how to read its subtle signs!
  • Limit technology use so that children will engage in free creative play during which so much problem solving and self-discovery takes place. 

    Let’s make sure there is balance in our children’s lives – we can easily do this by placing time limits on technology use. Remember who is in charge here and that parenting is not a popularity contest!