Children at the beach is an explosion of the senses


We now have a hint of summer in my part of the world – a blast of warm weather that brings families out from their houses and into the late spring sunshine and often onto the beach!

Last weekend it brought me out too! As I strolled and encountered so many young families it reminded me of when my own children were young and indeed when I was young with my family as a young girl myself; so many wonderful times spent here, all the joy of being together with so many happy others, enjoying nature at its most expressive.

Families at the beach ignite a sense bonanza!

A visual explosion of the brilliant sunshine streams over rolling white water

The sense of touch heightened as cool water meets sun-warmed bodies

Joyous sounds of childhood as squeals of delight compete with the roar of waves crashing

Salty water bursts on the tongue as an army of children splash themselves and one another

The sweet salty smell mixes with sweat and sunscreen and wafts on the breeze

I still enjoy it alone but with exuberant children beaching is something very special.