Allowing space for children to be creative

In Making Mindful Magic you’ll find this experience:


Brush, paint, paper
Time stands still
There is nothing else but what you create
It is in the doing and not in the done that matters

But it doesn’t have to only be about painting of course!

Do your children have a place where it’s ok to create arty mess? Where they can find lots of materials they can use to ‘make stuff’?

 Is there a shelf or a box where they might find old cardboard boxes, bits of packaging, scraps of colourful material and paper of different shapes and sizes?

Is it ok here to slap some paint on paper? To glue some bits together however they like?

Is it ok for them to make it just for them without advice, judgement or expectation being given? Where there’s complete acceptance of whatever they want to make?

Is there time in their lives for free art-making to take place?

If there is then you are creating space and time for your children to be mindful. When creating any artwork there is the opportunity to get lost in its creation, for time to stand still and to just be carried away in the moment with the joy of creating! In fact, when you are creating, it’s pretty hard to think of anything else.

The space doesn’t have to be amazing, the materials can be old recycled ‘stuff’ you have lying around.

It can be inside! It can be outside!

The important thing is children can fully experience being in the present moment and no matter what they produce, it is satisfying and an exercise in being mindful. Congratulations if you are already giving them the opportunity and if not, this is a small change to bring into your family life that can deliver big rewards.